At IPS our goal is to help our customers avoid costs, save time, improve productivity, mitigate risk and offer scaleable and repeatable services. By customising our Supply Chain Services we provide our customers with effective and extensive solutions to eliminate costs, stay competitive in the marketplace and enhance productivity through deployment and replenishment processes.


Leverage our distribution and supply chain services to help our customers optimise a just-in-time material management program in their distribution facility. Our replenishment solutions lower the total cost of ownership, improve productivity and scale to meet production demands.

IPS goal is to help our customers accomplish the following:

  • Reduce costs

  • Save time

  • Improve productivity

  • Improve efficiency

  • Enhance financial performance

  • Mitigate risk

  • Create scaleable and repeatable services

IPS success is driven by the success of our customers and manufacturers. Our goal is simple. We listen to what you need, we connect you to the right solution and then we deliver on our word. It is how IPS works to your advantage.

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